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Announcements Content Block for CMS

Announcements Content Block for CMS

Originally posted on Jeff Benedict:

I have been working on Content Management System (CMS) sites quite a bit over the last two years and am in the process of sifting through these sites to pull out some of the features I feel would be useful to others.

I expect this post to be the start of a series of posts regarding CMS widgets.   This particular item is an announcement slider that sits at the…

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Consolidate and leverage ITSM and service automation investment to maximum business advantage.

Consolidate and leverage ITSM and service automation investment to maximum business advantage.

Every once in a while its time to open the vault and re-read a few of the posts I’ve read or posted and share them. This week I am bringing back a post Originally posted on the ServiceNow Community pages by Stephen Mann ” A Future Role for IT: Managing Service Relationships Inside and Outside the Enterprise”.

Thanks Stephen!

I hope you enjoy the post and as always please let me know your thoughts.

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Service-Now data pull - python vs perl

Service-Now data pull – python vs perl

Originally posted on Techeute:

Service-now is a IT service management software that  hosts a wide ranging list of reports from different modules of IT services that are organized into tables. ServiceNow publishes its underlying table structures and associated data that can be pulled via SOAP query. This can be achieved through any scripting language.  Although, python is my default goto scripting…

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AngularJS UI Page Framework

AngularJS UI Page Framework

Originally posted on Jeff Benedict:

I struggled with how to title this blog for I originally set out to show an example of how to create a single page application using AngularJS on the ServiceNow framework and ended up with a way to create multiple applications using a set of tables and a single UI page to display the different application views / content.

It will probably make the most sense…

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Its Official #NOW ServiceNow #KNOW14 conference has begun.. See what ServiceNow’s CEO had to say about the NEW role of IT.

Its Official #NOW ServiceNow #KNOW14 conference has begun.. See what ServiceNow’s CEO had to say about the NEW role of IT.

Checking off my To Do List  #NOW ServiceNow #KNOW14 and even more excited about tomorrow, can it get any better? I’m not so sure but then again, that seems to be what ServiceNow’s been doing all along.


Frank Slootman, President and CEO of ServiceNow told the audience during his keynote:

“We really think IT needs to start thinking differently about itself. Too many of us think of IT as another…

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GlideAjax and JSON


Thanks Jeff. Handy Tips and work around.

Originally posted on Jeff Benedict:

In the last month I have been doing quite a bit of client side JavaScript using jQuery and AngularJS and initially had some challenges working with these frameworks and the ServiceNow GlideAjax object due to only being able to pass string values as a parameter.  For example, below is the example GlideAjax usage…

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2013 “Eat Real” Street Food Festival | Oakland

2013 “Eat Real” Street Food Festival | Oakland

2013 Eat Real Street Food Festival | OaklandPart street food festival, part county fair, and part block party, the three day 2013 Eat Real Festivaltransforms Jack London Square into an epic food festival from September 27-29, 2013.

The festival celebrates all things tasty, fresh, and handmade with a focus on street food – all featuring sustainable, local ingredients.

» In true FunCheap…

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Workaround For GlideRecord SetWorkflow(false) Issue


Thanks for sharing Ahmed. Excellent info.
Ahmed wrote: “As part of the GlideRecord API comes the function setWorkflow(false) .

If you’ve never used this before, essentially this function switches off the running of any subsequent business rules or workflows. This is really useful in a number of scenarios, for example when you need to update a lot of records in bulk and do not want…

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